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In many Indiana counties, gaining easy access to relevant demographic, education, social and economic data are not always easy to locate. Even when readily available, the information is usually not presented in a way that is clear to local leaders, organizations and residents.

In an effort to provide individuals with user-friendly county level data on counties in Indiana, PCRD is pleased to provide two complementary sets of data products for use by individuals, organizations and agencies across the state. The first is Quick Facts, a two-page document that captures a variety of key data, presenting them in a visually pleasing, straightforward manner. The second is our Data Snapshot, a product that not only focuses on a wider array of data items, but also provides the reader with brief interpretations of some of the more significant data results.

Two Sets of Demographic Profiles

In an effort to provide individuals with user-friendly county level data on counties in Indiana, the PCRD has begun producing two types of reports. The first is Quick Facts , a two-page document that captures a variety of key data, presented in a visually pleasing, straightforward manner.

The second data series is called Data Snapshot . Each report showcases an array of population, economic and labor force data. The benefit of the Snapshot is that users are provided succinct interpretations of some of the key data captures in the report. Furthermore, insights on the opportunities and challenges that counties may have to consider in light of these data are offered for consideration by local leaders, agencies and other appropriate entities.

When reviewing the data reports, we recommend you give careful consideration to the following items:

The amount of information available for any county can be overwhelming. Our Quick Facts report provides information on a carefully chosen set of data on population, households, housing, education, income and health. The list of Indiana counties for which Quick Facts reports are now available can be found below. If your county is not listed but you would like to receive a two-page data report on your county, please contact the PCRD office.

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We've been very impressed with the level of responsiveness and intelligence Smarty Media brings to our business. We've seen lead acquisition costs drop and lead volume rise from our paid search campaigns. I know our PPC accounts are in great hands.

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POSTED BY on Feb 5 under Security

Even better, the founder of the company is crying about how terribly unfair the world is. I’d like to collect his tears and enjoy them later, like a fine wine.

You can read the lamentations of their women over at .



POSTED BY on Oct 15 under Security

I rescued the original Google Knol article from the dustbin of backups and have re-posted it. See the link in the Open Letter article.


POSTED BY on Aug 12 under Security

Dear Mr Sullivan,

I read with interest your recent press release wherein you attempt to refute the claims against Paxfire in a lawsuit. I was most interested to read the second major claim you are attempting to defend:

Second, Paxfire does not hijack searches or “impersonate search engines.”

Paxfire appliances certainly do impersonate search engines, as I detailed 3 years ago . The good news is I’m a Pack Rat and worse, a System Administrator – which means I have backups of backups kicking around here. That almost certainly means I still have the original screenshots and tcpdumps used to compose that article.

This will, I think, torpedo your attempt to claim the lawsuit is without merit and lacks a foundation for their allegations?

I think I’ll send my information to them – let’s find out together shall we?


POSTED BY on Aug 7 under Security

Seriously. Stolen… or at least, that’s certainly what it looks like if you’re unfortunate enough to be stuck using a Paxfire DNS appliance like the two I found a few weeks ago.

I just finished my first Google Knol: Chan Luu Chan Luu Woman 18karat Rose Goldplated Beaded Leather Bracelet Brown Size zyRqSqUmdU

In a nutshell, Paxfire DNS appliances pretend to be ‘’. They aren’t pretending to be other search engines from what I can tell – just Google. Fun times when the marketing wonks decide to sniff your search habits…

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POSTED BY on Jun 13 under Aamaya By Priyanka Aamaya By Priyanka Woman Taurus Rose Goldplated Faux Pearl And Crystal Earring Rose Gold Size 3JldNO1

Daniel over at DailyBlogTips is getting ripped off. Web sites are stealing his content and trying to pass it off as their own and worse, the clueless host involved (, which I will not dignify with a link ) doesn’t seem to realize that not only is the webmaster thief liable but the host is as well if they fail to respond appropriately to a valid DMCA takedown request.

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